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Santa Cruz is a popular destination for surfers and various industries. As the County grows, so do its security needs. That's why we offer security services for both communities and businesses. We are the leading security guard company in Santa Cruz with decades of experience safeguarding business and ensuring peace of mind. We repeatedly exceeded our clients' expectations for security services in Santa Cruz as we offer custom security solutions for them.

Experienced and Proficient Security Solutions in Santa Cruz

Citiguard takes pride in its team of security guards in Santa Cruz, who possess a level of collective experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Our security guards undergo rigorous training to ensure they are well-prepared to handle various security challenges. With a strong focus on professionalism and adaptability, our Santa Cruz security guards bring a wealth of knowledge to every assignment, making them an integral part of our success. At Citiguard, we take pride in providing our clients with experienced security guards and are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Prioritize Your Security with Our Santa Cruz Security Guard Solutions

Our security services in Santa Cruz are unique because we are deeply committed to the safety of our clients. We understand that each client has specific security needs, and we cater to those needs in a personalized way. We consider the environment of Santa Cruz to ensure that our services are seamlessly integrated with the local characteristics. This flexibility is a testament to our dedication to providing security guard services in Santa Cruz that are effective and tailored to our clients' requirements. That’s why, for years, we have been hailed as the best security guard company in Santa Cruz, as we offer services that make an impact.


Citiguard Santa Cruz security company offers a wide range of protection services. With decades of experience in the field, we are well aware of the unique requirements of Santa Cruz communities and businesses. We provide private, armed, unarmed, and uniform security guards for businesses and individuals. Our expert security guards in Santa Cruz provide custom services for Event, residential, commercial buildings, construction, and campus security. Visit our services page to learn about the full range of our security services and find out which one is best suited for your needs.

As a leading security service provider in Santa Cruz, we have established a stellar reputation. Our security guards are highly trained and insured and undergo background checks and rigorous training. We provide tailored security solutions in Santa Cruz for businesses of all sizes. At Citiguard, we prioritize communication, responsiveness, and taking proactive measures to address security concerns before they become a problem. We are client-focused and always strive to anticipate and resolve issues before they arise.

Our event security services involve a comprehensive assessment before the Event. This helps us identify any potential risks and develop a security plan to fit your Event's specific needs. Our security guards in Santa Cruz are trained to competently handle various challenges, including crowd management, access control, and emergency response protocols.

Hiring security guards in Santa Cruz depends on various factors. That includes the type of security, number of security guards, location, and customization. At Citiguard, we provide affordable and tailored security guard services to businesses and communities. Consult with us today, and let us help you protect your business, assets, or neighborhood.


Citiguard's security staff demonstrated their expertise during a retail store's security improvements. They were well-versed in strategies to prevent loss, and their collaborative approach with store staff was impressive. They are the best security guard company in Santa Cruz and i will contact again in the future.

Amelia J.

We hired Citiguard to provide security for a corporate function, and their guards exhibited a high level of professionalism. I have never seen a better security guard services in Santa Cruz like them. Their discreet yet effective presence contributed to the smooth flow of the event.

Ava N.

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