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The City of San Bernardino is a major transportation link between the east and west coasts. It is the largest county in the world and one of the nation's most populous. Citiguard offers a wide range of security services in and near the San Bernardino neighborhood. Our security company in San Bernardino offers security services from warehouses to industries, transportation, manufacturing or campus security, we offer highly trained security guards to safeguard and protect. We understand the locality and requirements of businesses and individuals and provide tailored services to help mitigate security issues. That's why we have become a top security company in San Bernardino with our state-of-the-art security arrangements and success rate.

Skilled and Experienced Security company in San Bernardino

With decades of experience in security, we go beyond traditional measures and embrace innovation to stay ahead of evolving risks. Our team is equipped to handle emergencies with swift and efficient responses, minimizing potential damage and ensuring a swift return to normalcy. We provide stability with our San Bernardino security specialists through proactive risk assessments and continuous training, which allow us to remain at the forefront as a top security company in San Bernardino.

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At Citiguard, we work with our clients to create custom security plans that cater to their unique needs and concerns. Our approach enables us to provide security services and peace of mind, knowing that your valuable possessions are in good hands. We go above and beyond in our commitment to excellence, setting us apart as a leading security company in San Bernardino. As a local company, we take pride in fostering trust and reliability in the community. Our proactive approach and strong emphasis on customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice for those seeking unwavering security company in San Bernardino.


We are one of the most popular and reliable security service providers in San Bernardino City and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of services such as armed/unarmed, uniform, private, commercial and among others. We also provide onsite security and mobile patrol along with parking lot enforcement. We understand the needs of various businesses in San Bernardino and offer the perfect security solution for it.

We take pride in our proactive approach to security concerns, which allows us to protect business, assets and, most of all, people. We offer a unique solution based on your recruitment; our security consultant collaborates with you and offers custom strategies to accommodate your needs. One of the main reasons why we are a leading security company in San Bernardino is due to our security personnel. They are highly trained, certified, insured, and regularly undergo rigorous training.

Our San Bernardino private security team are designed to meet the specific requirements of any business or individual. We create personalized security plans for our clients, whether it's residential security, executive protection, or specialized security for events. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Our private security company in San Bernardino provide 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure the safety and protection of businesses or individuals.

The cost of hiring security guard services can vary as it depends on various factors. For example, it can be more expensive to hire private security services in San Bernardino compared to hiring uniformed security personnel. Similarly, event and mobile security have different roles, making it difficult to provide a concrete number. We suggest that if you have a requirement for any kind of services from security company in San Bernardino, consult with us today.


They earned their reputation as the best security guard company in San Bernardino. Their guards were not only highly trained but also demonstrated a strong commitment to providing top-tier security services. A reliable choice for any security needs

Olivia K.

They deserve their title as the best security guard company in San Barnardino. Their guards showcased exceptional skills, creating a secure atmosphere at our premises. An excellent choice for those seeking the highest standards in security.

Christopher R.

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