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Marked Vehicle Patrol Security Services

If your facility has unwanted vehicles, graffiti problems, or even neighborhood kids causing chaos, you might be interested in random patrol checks by a security guard in a marked patrol car. One of Citiguard’s security protection consultants will be happy to sit with you, listen and discuss the problems and make a preventative plan to help. Citiguard will send a security guard to your location in a marked vehicle and walk the premises and take an accurate log of all suspicious activities. If a problem arises our security guard will make every attempt possible to resolve the problem before having to contact law enforcement and/or the property manager. Regardless of the outcome, our security guard will write a detailed report and submit it to our client within 24 hours.

Having a marked patrol vehicle that makes frequent and random stops at your facility, it will act as a deterrent which will likely prevent most illegal activities from happening because they won’t know when the next patrol check will be. If during a patrol check our security guard notices suspicious activity, he/she will take pictures and we will email them to our client so they will have a record of the activity and/or the individual(s) for their records. If the problems continue, our security protection consultants will discuss with you the possibility of an on-site security guard from Citiguard.

While our marked vehicle Security Guards in Ventura CA or other many cities visit your facility, he/she will do a walk through to ensure the safety and security of your tenants, guests and your facility.

Services included in Citiguard’s Marked Vehicle Patrols:
  • Closing and Locking Laundry Facilities
  • Closing and Locking Pool Areas
  • Closing and Locking Mailrooms
  • Closing and Locking Fitness Centers
  • Closing and Locking Recreational Centers
  • Parking Area Control
  • Parking Passes
  • Complex Bike Patrol
  • Residential Complaints
  • Weekly Lights Out Report
  • Trash Accumulation Control; and Graffiti Reporting
Citiguard’s Vehicle Patrol Security Guards must possess the following:
  • Clean Background Check
  • Clean Department of Motor Vehicles Report
  • Guard Card
  • Must Have A Minimum of 5 Years of Experience
  • Must Have Prior Law Enforcement Experience or A Degree from the Department of Justice

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Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.