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For years, Citiguard’s security guard vigilantly protected the neighborhood of Northridge. We are familiar with the communities and businesses in the area and provide tailored security services for them. Our security guard company is essential to Northridge's security infrastructure, and we take pride in being deeply connected to the community. We work hard to maintain a safe environment where everyone can thrive without fear, and we appreciate the trust that businesses and residents have placed in us. In Northridge, commercial and residential areas have specific security needs requiring attention. We understand these nuances and are committed to providing effective solutions to address them.

Expert and Experienced Security Guard Service in Northridge

Our Northridge security guards are highly trained and understand the requirements of protecting your business and assets. We understand that security needs vary from client to client. That's why our security guards in and near Northbridge communities are trained to assess and address each client's unique needs. They personalize their approach to provide an effective security solution that fits the client's specific requirements. Also, our private security guard services are trained to take proactive measures and always prepare to intervene when needed.

Encounter Unmatched Protection with Our Northridge Security Guard Service

We offer statewide security services in California and have worked with some of the most notable brands, including Fortune 500 companies. Our Northridge security guards are highly experienced and skilled in handling a variety of security challenges. We have a rigorous selection process and thorough training to ensure that we have the best team possible. This way, we can proactively respond to any potential threats that may arise.


At Citiguard, we specialize in most types of security services as we have years of experience in the trade. We provide armed and unarmed uniform security guards, patrolling, and parking security. We also offer private security services and personal security guards. With many universities in the area, we also provide campus security to protect students and faculties. For businesses, we offer industrial, commercial, and construction security guards. To comply with local law and protocol, they can also hire fire watch security services from us in Northridge.

Our security guards have extensive knowledge of Northridge and its unique environment. This knowledge allows them to anticipate and address specific risks, providing a higher level of vigilance than generic security services near Northbridge. We also have seasoned and expert security guards with years of experience in the field; they make sure that clients and their assets are protected.

Yes, we provide private security guard services in Northridge. Our security personnel are highly trained and experienced to ensure the safety of businesses and residences in the Northridge community. Our private security service near Northbridge is top-of-the-line and provides custom solutions for every need.

We provide affordable and budget-friendly security guard services in Northridge. However, the exact cost of hiring security guard services depends on various factors. It is based on the security type, how many security guards you need, the location and area they need to cover, and other specialized services. At Citiguard, we understand that no two businesses have the same needs, so we offer custom security services in and near Northbridge. Consult with us today and learn about how we can protect your business and assets.


citiguard is the best security guard company in Northridge as per my experience so far. Their guards exhibited a perfect blend of professionalism and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for securing any environment.

Lily E.

Citiguards provide more than just security guards; they're your trusted security companions. With their exceptional skills and friendly demeanor, you can trust them to keep you and your property safe and secure. This makes them our first choice as top security guard services in Northridge.

David J.

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