GuardScanTM Tracking System

Citiguard Security Services uses a Guard Tour system called GuardScan™; this technology will be provided complimentary to all the clients upon request. The GuardScan is made up of two separate parts; the scanner and the magnetic RFD tags. GuardScans are usually set up in high risk areas of a property and every time the security guard patrols that area he/she is to scan the designated tags which will then electronically store the date and time stamp of each location.

The GuardScan will hold all security guards accountable for their patrols during their shift. When the Field Supervisor randomly visits the site, he/she will then download the data the GuardScan has gathered, the field supervisor will instantly know if the security officer is following the post orders and is patrolling the premises frequently. All the information stored in the GuardScan system is available to the client at their request.


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